oLo von Borg aka Hans - oLO - Schnabel / Quasar of Reasonstation)
began expressing his musical message during the early 90s in Love Parade City.
Coming from a rather classical piano edu background ,he engaged in trackers as soon as the Amiga 500 was out and got a Roland D-50 soon afterwards.
Due to the overwhelming presence of Techno/ House & Trance in the German capitol (Low Spirit) ,and an astonishing amount of semi-legal clubs opening all over the former eastern Berlin area (E-werk. Tresor, WMF, Bunker) , his teenage years were raving ones.
After a brief DJing experience, oLO decided to leave the Denondecks and focus on production and composition in electronic dance music ,aswell as in filmscore.
Rebirth and a g3 were the next step after 8 bit samples on 4 tracks, leading into the Reason community and finally to adminship at Reasonstation.net aswell as a teaching Post at the SAE Berlin.
After a couple of orientation years and additional training at Musicube academy he began dedicating all his ressources to getting the "Message out".
First release being a small Psytrancecolab (Psynymph) ,the real (S)olodebut will be out on Distorted Records in late 07.

oLO is also rather well known for his Reasonclasses and endless online rants and debates of a technical nature, aswell as his affection to Apple computers and applied oldschool engineering.
Recent filmscore works for IAfilms.org and the awarded Iraq war documentary "Baghdad-or-bust" are the initial steps of becoming the 2nd most famous German filmscore composer in the LA area.

Current Equipment:
Dual g5 PowerPC
Digidesign Mbox2
Digidesign Protools with Kontakt 2
Propellerheads Reason 4
Propellerheads Recycle
Bias Peak
Various Refills and Samplepacks such as the amazing Maustaste patches or the Vanguard series

influences and idols:
J.M Jarre, Yellow, L.S.G, Queen, Vangelis, Cosmic Baby, PVD, Carl Cox, Corsten, Oakenfield, The Electric Light Orchestra, Depeche Mode, Pink Floyd, Wagner, Mendelssohn and my environmental audio perceptions.